Isaiah 49:24,25 “Shall the pray be taken from the mighty or the lawful captive delivered, but thus saith the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered but I will contend with them that contend with you and I will save your children”

  1. Every foundational progress arresters, holding me down to where I do not belong, in the name of Jesus, release me by fire.

I adjure you to say, “release me by fire”. You will command the foundational powers to release you by fire.

2. You that foundational evil spirits, contending against my progress, release me by fire in the name of Jesus

  1. I command that every progress that has been arrested in my foundation, be released now in Jesus name.
  2. Every foundational pot or caldron, according to Ezekiel 11, caging my progress, break in Jesus name.
  3. Every foundational shrine or entity that has swallowed my progress, according to Job 20:15, be vomited in Jesus name.
  4. Every foundational siege or embargo on your progress (multiple or single) by the blood of Jesus be lifted.

7    Any foundational siege, embargo, witchcraft attack, and evil monitoring from any ancestral altar or mandate affecting my progress, in the name of Jesus, by fire by power, scatter.

  1. I prophesy in the name of Jesus I will begin to see the goodness of God right from now on as the Lord has spoken.
  2. I ask that the divine oil for immediate solution fall on me in the name of Jesus.
  1. Let the anointing that will make you to advance, fall upon me in the name of Jesus.
  1. That oil that will make you to do what I couldn’t do before, fall on me in Jesus name.
  1. Let the divine power of God for testimonies fall on me now in the name of Jesus.
  1. Every evil arrow that had been fired into my life, for wicked initiation, in the name of Jesus, come out by fire.
  2. It is written, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, every tongue that rises up against me in judgment, I shall condemn, therefore, I hold bound every spirit of promise and failure in Jesus name.
  3. Every wicked arrow of progress arresters affecting my life, in Jesus name go out.
  4. You progress arrester from my childhood till now, holding me and my progress, by fire by power, release me in the name of Jesus.
  5. My work, every marriage, every destiny that had been captured and delayed in Jesus name be released by the blood of atonement.
  6. Every progress arrester manipulating my progress, be bound in Jesus name.
  7. Every negative pronouncement against my progress by the blood of Jesus, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  8. Every evil that has been planted in anybody’s heart against my progress, I command that evil to scatter in Jesus name.
  9. Any weakness in my life co-operating with progress arresters be removed in Jesus name.
  10. Every stumbling block on my path to progress in Jesus name be rolled away by fire.
  11. All satanic chains and nets preventing my progress on that issue, in Jesus name, be roasted by fire.
  12. Any human agent delaying and denying my progress, that evil spirit controlling the mind of that human agent, be bound in Jesus name.
  13. Warrior angels, be released to fight my battles in the name of Jesus.
  14. I will not depreciate in the name of Jesus name.
  15. O Lord! Grant me now speed in the name of Jesus.


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