(Reviving your Prayer Life by Dr Moses Aransiola)
If you realize that you have slacked concerning your prayer life or that your prayer life has never been what the Lord intended it to be, then you should take the following steps to restore it to normalcy.
1. Repent and confess the sin of prayerlessness.
2. Ask an anointed minister to pray with you for a spiritual release.
3. Take authority over all the spirits of prayerlessness and dryness.
4. Get back to praying as you were praying before and more.
5. Pray as you have not prayed in the past.
6. Plan prayer times and keep to them.
7. Lengthen your prayer times.
8. Permanently or temporarily join a prayer fellowship or a prayer band or repeatedly listen to prayer tapes, in order to catch an immediate fire in your spirit.
9. Reorganize and revamp your family altar, go on prayer retreats and attend prayer conferences.
10. Pray silently under your breath when you are not consciously engaged in a duty.
11. Pray in tongues for at least 30minutes a day.
12. Praise God before all your prayers.
13. Fill your heart with much of God’s word before and after your prayers.
14. Increase your prayer times, make them more frequent.
15. Do not allow the devil to put you off by thinking you that you should stop praying because you feel sleepy. Stop sleeping because you have to pray. You have an appointment with God to pray. You do not have an appointment with sleep to sleep.
16. Ask the Lord to give you the power to concentrate.
17. Ask the Lord to give you a prayer burden.
18. Pray even when you have no burden. As you pray, the burden will come.
19. Do not maintain one posture during prayer. Stand sometimes. Sit at others and walk at others. Feel free to change from one posture to the other during the same prayer session.
20. Pray silently.
21. Pray aloud.
22. Shout your prayers to God.
23. Do all three-in-one prayer session as the Spirit leads you.
24. Go on long prayer walks.
25. Have a hide out where you always withdraw to pray. This could be on a hill, farm, or any such place.
26. Go to your hide out often and there meet your God.
27. Pray when you feel the presence of God.
28. Pray when you do not feel the presence of God.
29. Pray when you are happy
30. Pray when you are unhappy.
31. Pray when you have come to the end of yourself.
32. Pray emergency prayers of one sentence.
33. Pray long and detailed prayers that could fill volumes of books.
34. Pray when answers come quickly.
35. Pray when there seem to be no answer.
36. Pray in the morning.
37. Pray late into the night.
38. Pray the whole day and the whole night.
39. Pray for yourself.
40. Pray for others.
41. Pray for the glory of the Lord to be manifested in your life, in the Church and in the world.
42. Pray when you are in doubt and faith will come.
43. Pray when you have much faith.
44. Pay when you have little faith.
45. Make prayer covenants with God.
46. Keep the prayer covenants you have made with God.
47. Pray with tears, sighs and groans that are the cries of the Holy Spirit through your spirit.
48. Fast and pray.
49. Insist in prayer until the answer comes.
50. Never give up on any topic until the Lord has answered you.
51. Wait before God so that He may show you His needs.
52. Pray about the Lord’s needs that He may show you more.
53. Believe the Lord as you pray.
54. Seek a prayer partner and pray together.
55. Pray without ceasing.
56. Walk in purity so that your prayers may not be blocked.
57. Confess and forsake all sins in your life so that your prayer may not be a stinking odour before God.
58. Grow in prayer.
59. Become a prayer warrior.
60. Intercede for individuals and for the nation.
61. Win people all over the world to Christ through prayer.
62. Pray more than any other person you have seen or heard of.
63. Become God’s co-worker through prayer.
64. Thank and bless God for answered prayers anytime you finish praying.
65. Pray when you feel like praying, pray when you don’t feel like praying, pray until you feel like praying
66. There is nothing too small to pray over; therefore acquire the habit of praying over little things.
67. Instead of worrying over your cares, turn them into prayer.
68. If God is to use your mouth for prayer, you must keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile (Ps. 34:13).
69. To say, ”I do not feel like praying”, reveals a need for prayer.
70. Always pray for a worldwide revival. “Men may spurn our appeals, reject your message, oppose our arguments, despise our person, but they are helpless against our prayers” – Sildow Baxter.
71. Set aside every first Saturday of the month as a day of national prayer and fasting.
72. Join in the formation of prayer cells and prayer chains in homes, hostels, departments, factories and barracks — All crying out for NATIONAL REVIVAL.
73. Join force with the nearest fellowship or church group to pray all night long, at least once a month.
74. “Evening and morning and all noon will I pray and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice” (Psm. 55:17). Dedicate yourself to pray at least 3 times a day.
75. The least you can give God as your time-tithe is one tenth of twenty-four hours in a day and twenty-four minutes. Meditate and pray for at least 21/2 hours a day.
76. Having done all, regard yourself by God’s grace as a member of GOD’S PRAYER ARMY THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.
Now say this out before God. “Lord, I heed the call to join the Prayer Army, and volunteer to be one. I make a solemn covenant with you that I shall begin to pray in a new way, for a new purpose and under a new anointing that you will supply. Lord, as you keep me protected from all the wiles of the devil, I shall go forth triumphantly to destroy all the works of the devil until Your Kingdom is finally established upon the earth”. Amen


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