EZK 8:7-12, NAH 3:1-4, EX 22:18, MICAH 5:12

1. Every witchcraft installation against my life scatter by fire in Jesus name
2. Every witchcraft limitation on my life be destroyed in Jesus name
3. Every witchcraft wall of resistance against my testimonies be demolished in Jesus name
4. Witchcraft sanction against me be nullified by the blood of Jesus
5. Witchcraft legislation fashion against my life, marriage, the work of my hand, my home, our advancement, be abolished in Jesus name
6. Witchcraft prophesies, predictions and their expectation manifestation concerning us be nullified in Jesus name
7. Organisation of witchcraft against us, scatter by fire in Jesus name
8. Witchcraft agent sent to attack us, die on your way in Jesus name
9. Every witchcraft power / agents in charge of our matter, die by fire in Jesus name.
10. Any midnight attack on us, be nullified in Jesus name
11. Any midnight attack on our life, be nullified in Jesus name
12. All witchcraft weapons fashion against us, paralyze in Jesus name
13. Lord according to ISAIAH 42:13- stir up jealous like man of war against    witchcraft power, operation, attacks, plan that is against us in Jesus name
14. Witchcraft obstacle/hindrances scatter by fire in Jesus name
15. Every strong hold of witchcraft affecting us, scatter by fire
16. Father!!!, judge witchcraft operation in my life, marriage, work,  in Jesus name



  1. Honestly,I need your prayer interventions speedily
    for my advancement.I used to hear of Witchcraft but I don’t Know it is operational in my family.In my family today ,we have only Widows,No more Men.A family of 7 Men ,No one man is standing , only the 7 Wives remaining.


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