Mark 11:23, Mal.1:3, Zech.4:7, Isa.42:15,  Job 28:9, Micah 6:1-2

1. I speak to every mountain in my life and command it: be removed and cast Into the Sea, in the name of Jesus 

2. I speak to every financial mountain: BE removed from my life in the name of JESUS

3. Every mountain of opposition, hears the voice of the  Lord: be removed, in the name of Jesus 

4. I contend with every mountain of delay, disappointment, hindrances and command them: hear My voice and obey, in the name of JESUS.

5. O LORD put forth Your hand  and overturn the mountains by the roots, in the name of Jesus.

6. I speak to every mountain of debt, sickness, poverty, hardship, bareness, sorrow, attack, etc,  in my life, marriage and business, BE REMOVED AND CAST INTO THE SEA, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

7. I command every mountain of circular motion, repeated affliction in my life, become a plain now in the name of Jesus 


“1 John 5:14-15”

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