Gen. 39 v 1  –  end  (Set up of Portiphars wife for Joseph)
1  Kings 13 v 1 – end  (The disobedient Junior Prophet  and the Old Prophets)
2 Kings 5 v 1 – end  (Gehazi inherited leprosy by the trap of coveteousness)
Matt 4 v 1 – 12  (Jesus Vs Satan  –  TEMPTATIONS)
1 Kings 21 v 1 – end  (Jezeebel v Naboth)
Judges 16 v 4 – 21  (The trap of Delilah against Samson through immorality)
Nehemiah 6 v 1 – 14 (The trap of Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem against Nehemiah to hinder him of finishing the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem)  Note v 10, 11& 12
Acts 23 v 12 – 21  (Set up of the Jews to kill Apostle Paul so that he would not fulfill destiny.
1 Peter 5 v. 10 & 11;  James 4 v 6 & 7;  Eph. 6 v 10 – 18.
     (9)       Ps.  46 v 8 & 9;  Ps. 35;  Ps.  35 v 4

1 Peters 5 v 8  –  Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Beloved, pray this prayer  “O! Lord  my God, empower  me with daily Grace to finish my assignment strong in the name of Jesus”  This subject is a serious one for everyone who wants to do well in every area of life especially Ministry.  Jesus when He was born was a victim of a set up by the then King Herod who arranged a killer squad in order to truncate Jesus destiny but failed woefully.  The devil tried again after Jesus had fasted forty days and night in the wilderness but Jesus overcame all the set ups.  May we not be swallowed by the enemies traps in Jesus name.

No one destined for the top won’t encounter traps of all kinds.  The devil doesn’t want anything good to endure.  Joseph was a victim of a terrible set up by Portipher’s wife, he landed in the prison but God vindicated and promoted him.

The young prophet in I Kings 13 was asked  not to eat by  God  but he encountered the set up of an older prophet and failed.  His life and Ministry terminated.  May disobedience not cut our lives short in Jesus name.

Gehazi’s ministry encountered the trap of covetousness and leprosy cut off his life and ministry.

Below are some peculiarities of SET UPS OR TRAPS
Set ups are dangerously attractive
Those behind set ups are experts/strategic
They are persistent and dogged.
Trap of opposite sex destroys one’s  glory absolutely
Coveteousness  Greed,  Gift, Food are channels
You loose your sanity and foresightedness when you fall into it and  you are careless about the consequences.
At that time you shun the truth.

Jezebeel used her position to set up Naboth.  We must be sensitive of those little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump.              

Unto every Moses (servant of God, a leader) there is a Pharaoh.  King Pharaoh proposed to hinder Moses from taking the Israelites out of bondage.  He (Pharaoh) gave the option of compromise but Moses refused.  May you not comprise with the enemy of your destiny and Ministry in Jesus Name.

Unto every Joseph there is a portiphar.  Portiphar will not allow you to get to your destined throne in life.  May you not fall into the waiting hands of Portiphar on your  way to fulfillment.

Unto every Elijah there is a Jezebel.  May your destiny and calling not be amputated by Jezebel.  Jezebel is the wicked pillar behind the throne.

Unto every David there is a Goliath.  Because David  by the power of God defeated Goliath, May you overcome every Goliath on your way to stardom.

Haggai 2 v 22  –  I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms……  The wickedness of the wicked  must come to an end in your life in Jesus Name.   (Ps.  7 v 9)

Pray this prayer  –   O Lord empower me to see the end of  rebellion in Jesus Name.

David saw the end of  Absalom’s rebellion.  You will overcome every rebellion in Jesus name.
Mordecai saw the end of Haman’s rebellion, You will overcome every rebellion.
Moses saw the end of Dathan, Korah & Abram’s rebellion, you will overcome in Jesus Name.
Light saw the end of darkness, your star will shine over all darkness in Jesus name.
Jesus saw the end of Satan rebellion, you will overcome all satanically orchestrated rebellion in Jesus name.

Ps. 35 v 25  –  Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so would we have it:  let them not say, we have swallowed him up.

Ps. 36 v 11 –  Let not the foot of pride come against me and let not the hand of the wicked remove me.

1 Cor. 10 v 12  –  Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

Ps.  56  v 13  –  Wilt not thou deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living?


Confess Ps 17 v 5 – O! Lord uphold  my goings in thy paths that my footsteps slip not in Jesus name.
My life and Ministry will not see corruption in Jesus name.  (Acts  13 v 37)
My Marriage and Calling shall not be desolate in Jesus name.
The Ministry of Jezebel/Witchcraft will not amputate my calling, marriage and potentials in Jesus name.
All the calculated schemes and strategies of Hell against my rising  to the top, be aborted in Jesus name.
God will not regret over me, my marriage and Ministry in Jesus name.
I receive Grace to remain pure, obedient and faithful to the end in Jesus name.
I receive divine wisdom and enablement to climb up in Jesus name.
O! Lord purge away humanity in me and fill me with divinity in Jesus name.
O! Lord help me to be transparently honest in all matters as your servant in Jesus name.
O! Lord  deliver me from all forms of distractions in this assignment in Jesus name.
O! Lord empower me to maintain focus to the end in Jesus name.
Advice, counsel, prophesies that will cause distractions, I reject in Jesus name.
Every set up on my way to the top, be aborted in Jesus name.
Any evil network/association that may hinder me on my way to the top be scattered in Jesus name.
Anything I aggressively pursue not in line with your will, O! Lord, abort it in Jesus name.
Any problem awaiting to disgrace me and my calling in future, be aborted now in Jesus name.
O! Lord Adjust my life and operations to your standard in Jesus name.
O! Lord deliver me from myself  and all other works of the flesh in Jesus name.
Whenever I want to go into anything that will offend heaven/God, O! Lord by your power hinder me in Jesus name.
O! Lord deliver me from the traps of opposite sex, food, pride, covetousness, filthy thoughts, heresies, unguarded talks, inordinate affection in Jesus name.
Every weapon of Hell fashioned against my rising up will not prosper in Jesus name.
I reject the Spirits of Mistake and Error in Jesus name
From all the snares of Hell, O! Lord deliver me in Jesus name.
Lord, baptize me with power for the next level in Jesus name.
My calling reject evil rumour in Jesus name  –  Job 5 v 21
O! Lord deliver my calling from people with evil tongue & sepulcher throat in Jesus name. 
Rm  3 v 13 – 17


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