LET US PRAY 23/3/2007


Psalm 68:20, Acts 4:30, Malachi 4:2, Jeremiah 30:17, Joel 2:25-26.

1.  Father, let the balm of Gilead arise upon my life for total healing in the name of Jesus. 

2. I declare to all confederacy of evil against my life, be scattered by fire in the name of Jesus. 

2b. I take authority over every power that has been assigned to kill and destroy, you will not prosper in my live and that of my family  in name of Jesus. 

3. It is written, Strangers shall flee away from the secret places, therefore, I decree to all un-invited guests in any area of my body, health and life to be dislodged right now 

by the fire in the name of Jesus. 

4. I take authority over all diseases that have defied solution and human wisdom to bow right now to the Lordship of Jesus. 

5. Father, You are the great Physician, Your power begin when the Doctors’ end, show forth Your power in all my medical issues in Jesus’ name. 

6. Father, wage war against sickness, wage war against disease, wage war against cancer, and all forms of sickness affecting my health  in the name of Jesus. 

7. Lord Jesus, my body is Your sanctuary therefore anything that wants to defile it, destroy in the mighty name of Jesus. 

7b. I confess in the name of Jesus my life is not a fertile ground for any evil to thrive in, in Jesus’ name



(1 John 5:14-15)

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