LET US PRAY 13/8/2015

Lam 3:37; Job 22 v 25 – 28
1. Holy Ghost fire, break and scatter every word limiting me from my place of birth.
2. I release myself from every evil word issued against me from my father’s house in Jesus name.
3. Whosoever that is renewing evil word against me day and night, receive stones of fire, be exposed and be wiped away in Jesus name.
4. Every witchcraft pronouncement made against my destiny, receive fire, scatter to pieces in Jesus name.
5. Every occult decree raised to pull me down, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
6. Oh Lord, my father, arise let your plan and your word stand in my life in Jesus name.
7. Every evil word that is limiting me, your time is over receive fire, break and die in Jesus name.

Isai 50:9; 54:14-17; ROM 8:33-39
1. Every traditional spiritual law of my people standing and working against me, Blood of Jesus Christ erase and cancel them in the name of Jesus.
2. By the blood of Jesus Christ I demolish and blot out every traditional authority and rules functioning against me in Jesus name.
3. By fire and thunder I revoke every traditional requirement required of me, that the devil is using against me and my family in Jesus name.
4. I break every traditional standard, order, condition and mandate operating and standing against me and family in Jesus name.
5. You traditional yokes in my life and family, I break you in the name of Jesus.
6. Jesus lose and set me free from traditional powers holding me captive in Jesus name.
7. Blood of Jesus Christ, destroy and erase any culture and tradition-bringing curse/hardship/delay/problem into my life in Jesus name.
(1 John 5:14-15)
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