What is Intercession?

Intercession is the act of going on behalf of someone else that needs help from Almighty God, to be merciful and gracious unto someone else and not self. It most cases it is prayer for those whose situations or circumstances need the mercy and grace of God’s immediate attention. Intercession touches the very heart of God, the Ministry of Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit. Intercession requires a giving up and giving unto, as act of God’s love, mercy and compassion. The intercessor must be ready and sensitive to God at all times, totally yielded to Him, and willing to be touched by the infirmities of someone else. Intercession requires you to become selfless, forgetting about your needs, desires and wants.

The purpose of intercession is to
Secure Healing (James 5:14-16);
Avert Judgment (Numbers 14:11-21);
Insure Deliverance (I Samuel 7:5-9);
Give Blessings (Numbers 6:23-27);
Obtain Restoration (Ezekiel 22; Job 48:8-10);
Encourage Repentance (Romans 10:1-4);
Draw Nearer to God as Abba Father to Change His Mind (Exodus 32:7-14).

There are, of course, many more reasons and purposes. As you begin to study to show yourself approved unto God, He will reveal much more. Intercession goes all the way to heaven and throughout all eternity. In studying intercession, there are Scriptures in Jeremiah showing that God did not receive prayers because of disobedience and worship of idols. (Jeremiah 7; 11:7-12; 11:13-18 and 11:19:22).

Intercession is to be made for who?
For all those in authority, which includes the 5-fold ministry gifts (Ephesians 4:11-16; Romans 10:14-15);
For Kings (I Timothy 2:1-6; Colossians 4:1-6);
For Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6-7);
For the Saints (Ephesians 6:18);
For Sinners (Psalm 2:8).
For our Family members

Who is an Intercessor?

An intercessor is someone:
Who intercedes on behalf of someone else, a born-again believer, who has been washed in the Blood of Jesus;
Who is God fearing and willing to give up their schedules, time and plans on behalf of another;
Who does not mind being interrupted by the Holy Spirit for prayer;
Who is not only filled with the Holy Spirit, but has the evidence of speaking in other tongues (heavenly language);
Who has a heart after God’s own heart;
Who lives a life of repentance and is sanctified unto God, holy and set aside to be used of God, presenting their bodies as a yielded vessel;
An intercessor is confident that Jehovah God hears their prayers and will answer them according to his Word. He watches over His word to perform it. It is the Will of God for all believers to pray and not lose heart, faint or quit! (Luke 1:38; Luke 18:1; Colossians 4:2).

What are the Qualities of an Intercessor?


God’s love is described as Hasad/Agape, that no matter what we do, His love NEVER changes. He always wants the best for us. We are His children. His mercy endures forever. As an intercessor, we cannot be a respecter of persons, and we must walk in unconditional love! The same Jehovah is doing good work in all of us that are called by His Name. It is a divine privilege to be used by God to pray for someone, especially in the Body of Christ. We are our brother’s keeper. God wants His people totally free.

Praying the Word of God is powerful. It ushers in help from our Angels in heaven that have charge over us. As believers, we must study to show ourselves approved unto God. We must keep our minds transformed and renewed with God’s Word that we not be conformed to this world. Vain repetitious prayers do not move God. We must keep the Word of God on our mouth, in our eyes and ears, writing it on the tablets of our hearts. The Word of God says in Isaiah 34:16 to seek out the book of the Lord and read. We must read to know what to say. We must meditate so we can believe what we speak. We must speak to release the power. Knowledge of God’s Word is the only way to know your blood-bought rights and authority against the devil.

Nine (9) Attributes of an Intercessor

1. ABANDONMENT – Willing to abandon all self-interest about what is being prayed;
2. ACCEPTANCE – Willing to accept the assignment to pray for someone that you do not even like;
3. ACCOUNTABILITY – Faithful to the call and life of prayer. Willing to loan God your vocal cords;
4. ADVOCATE – Willing to go in another person’s place and plead their case before God, acting like Jesus;
5. AGONIZING – Willing to bear the hurts of others and feel what they feel. Jesus was touched by our infirmities;
6. ARMOR – Willing to be a soldier who never retreats; who faces the devil in the Name of Jesus under the authority of the His Blood, knowing that the armour is your spiritual protection for your front parts. God protects your back parts. He is your rear guard. The Blood of Jesus and the Word of God are the whole armour of God;
7. AVAILABILITY – Willing to always be available for God; holy,
submissive, yielded, and humble. The world looks for ability. God only needs availability He can enjoinder and equip;
8. AWARENESS – Willing to be sensitive, and look beyond the person to make it happen for someone else;
9. AUTHORITY – Willing to go boldly before the Throne of God without begging, understanding the authority that belongs to the born-again believer.

Examples of Intercessors
Moses – Exodus 32:11-13
Joshua – Joshua 7:6-9
Jehoshaphat – II Chronicles 20:5-13
·Isaiah – II Chronicles 32:20
·David – Daniel 9:3-19
·Christ – John 17:1-26
·Paul – Colossians 1:9-12


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