Isaiah 54:11-17; Deuteronomy 8:18


1. Father, I thank you for choosing me as your ambassador in the market place.
2. Father, forgive me of every personal and professional sins; have mercy on me O’ Lord in Jesus name.
3. From today, I receive the mandate and anointing to operate successfully in the market place.
4. I invoke the blood of Jesus against the workplace wickedness of my office and business site (call your business or office name and plead the blood of Jesus on it).
5. I command every power assigned to frustrate me in business to be bound with everlasting chains in Jesus name.
6. By the blood of Jesus, I overthrow you forces of failure and limitations in my office and business site.
7. I command all the satanic structures in my office and business site to be consumed by fire.
8. I release the fire of God to paralyze the witchcraft powers in my office and business site.
9. I speak to the elements of creation to work against every market place enchantments and sorcery.
10. I decree that my business and career shall no longer be influenced by workplace wickedness.
11. By the fire of God, I destroy the satanic embargo assigned to my business / career.
12. By the blood of Jesus, I release my business and career from the influence of workplace witchcraft.
13. In the name of Jesus, I bind and judge the evil territorial strongmen of my workplace.
14. In the name of Jesus, I judge and scatter the assembly of witchcraft in my workplace.
15. Father, make the evil diviners and enchanters in my workplace to become mad, in Jesus name.
16. I command the satanic investment in my business and professional life to be wasted by fire.
17. From now, I receive the anointing for commercial and professional exploits in Jesus name.
18. Father, baptize my business with the anointing for fruitfulness and multiplication.
19. Holy Spirit, teach me to make profits and lead me in my business decisions, in Jesus name.
20. From today, I lay a new foundation of prosperity for my business and career; I command the ancient foundation of failure to be destroyed in Jesus name.
21. Father, I consecrate my labour to you through my tithe returns; anoint my hands and the labour of my hands with favour and prosperity in Jesus name.
22. By the blood of Jesus, I shield my business and career from marketplace devourers.
23. Father, I invite your presence to my office and workplace; arise and fight for me in Jesus name.
24. Father, arise and disgrace the Hamans in my workplace.
25. Like Esther and Mordecai, I will succeed and be exalted in my workplace in Jesus name.
26. Father, thank you for glorifying yourself through my business and career.
27. As Daniel became prominent in the land of Babylon, I shall also rise to the place of prominence here in Jesus name.
28. Joseph lived a righteous life in a strange land and his story changed to glory. In the same way I shall also be fruitful and my life shall be full of God’s glory and favour in Jesus name.
29. As Daniel was delivered from the hands of his enemies, I receive protection and deliverance from those who work secretly against me in Jesus name.
30. Let every altar of affliction raised against me and my work collapse in the name of Jesus. And let God’s fire consume all evil priests ministering at such altars.
31. I destroy every satanic gadget and monitoring instruments being used against me in Jesus name. No evil consultation against me shall succeed.
32. Every witchcraft operation against my position in the place of work shall not prosper in the mighty name of Jesus.
33. I receive power and anointing of the Holy Spirit to prosper in my place of work.
34. Lord help me to maintain a regular hour of prayer like Daniel, as a back up for my life and public service.
35. Father, you are the one that maketh rich and adds no sorrow unto it. I refuse to experience sorrow and backwardness in my business and work


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