Psalms 127; Genesis 2:21-25; Mark 10:9; Mal 2:16
1. Lord, from the wells of salvation, we draw joy for my homes in Jesus Name. Isaiah 12:3
2. Father, Every plant in my home that you have not planted, Lord, uproot in the name of Jesus Matt 15:13
3. Lord, pour your oil afresh upon my home in Jesus Name.
4. Lord, let rejoicing and joy fill my homes in Jesus Name. Ps 118:15
5. Father, let every storm raging in marriages be still in Jesus Name.
6. Father, let every evil plan or attack from my enemies concerning my Home be exposed and scatted  in Jesus’ name. Psalm 27:1-2
7. Father, give me rain and release your financial blessing upon my home in Jesus Name. Leviticus 26:4
8. Father, let every wall of Jericho that has been erected against my home from prospering, moving forward, be brought down in Jesus’ Name.
9. Every stranger; men or women, situations or circumstances in home; obey me, submit to me and fade out of my home/marriage in Jesus’ Name. Psalm 18: 44-48
10. Father, fill my children with your spirit of truth, give them a heart that loves truth and follow after it. Proverbs 12:22, John 14:15-17
11. Father, No weapon of the enemy that is formed against my home, my marriage, Children and family will prosper and every tongue that rises against us be condemned in Jesus’ Name. Isaiah 57:17
12. Father, let every burden and yoke of evil that have been placed upon marriage, my home, family and Children shall be broken now by the reason of the anointing in Jesus’ Name. Isaiah 10:27
13. In every way that the enemy has held my husband/wife and my Home a captive or prey whether lawful or unlawful, let there be a release in Jesus Name. Isaiah 49:24-25


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