Prayer Against Satanic  Hindrances (Part II) 

Daniel 10:12-13, 1Cor 16:9
1.  Satanic obstacles to my moving forward, clear away now in Jesus name

2. Every satanic obstacle to my success, clear away now in Jesus now

3. Every satanic hindrance to my prayer scatter now by the power of the Holy Ghost

4. Satanic effort to discourage my life fail now in Jesus name

5. Let every hindrance to my testimonies  be removed now in Jesus name

6. I revoke satanic decree assigned to hinder my destiny in Jesus name

7. Satanic covenant working against my life break now in Jesus name

8. I condemn every evil tongue making satanic prayers/curses against my life in Jesus name

9. I remove my name from satanic register of failures and nonentity in Jesus name

10. I receive anointing to overcome every satanic temptation assigned against me in Jesus name

11. Let every confusion programmed into my life scatter now in Jesus name

12. I command Satan and his host to release my seized/diverted/pending answer prayers by the fire of the Holy Ghost

13. Let the stronghold of Satan formed against my breakthrough, scattered now in Jesus name

14. Every wicked acts targeted against me back fire now in Jesus name

15. Every night tormentor/satanic caterer assigned against my sleep, be bound and sent to hell in Jesus name

16. I claim divine breakthrough to my miracle and healing in Jesus name

17. I reclaim every lost glory/joy/opportunities in Jesus name

18. I refuse to be a loser/ failure in the place of prayer in Jesus name.

19. I declare victory over every stubborn battle of my life in Jesus

20. I call forth my testimonies/Breakthroughs/ Helps/Lifting/Fruitfulness etc in Jesus name.


“1 John 5:14-15”

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