SCRIPTURES: 1 Peter 5:7-9, Rev 12:11-12, Psalms 68:1-3, Exodus 14:5-24.

1. Those expecting  my destruction shall be surprise by my promotion in Jesus name
2. Any power crying against my promotion  be silent in Jesus name
3. Every evil mark of failure, shame, reproach and death upon  my  life  be wiped  off  by the blood of Jesus.
4. Any strong man assigned to relocate me to poverty be frustrated in Jesus name.
5. Every evil priest ministering against me at evil altar run mad in Jesus name.
6. Like Joseph I shall prosper in the midst of adversity and famine in Jesus name.
7. Any evil consultation made by my parents or my enemies against my destiny catch fire.
8. Altar of my father’s house, I set you ablaze in Jesus name
9. Any door that I have open to the  devil through the sexual sin/stealing/backbiting/fraudulent acts/idolatry and occultism , be  closed  by  fire  in  Jesus  name.
10. Where the enemy says there is no way, OH! Lord arise and make a way for me in Jesus name
11. Divine lifting up in the sight of the enemy comes upon my life in Jesus name.
12.Any anti-success/breakthrough/lifting/promotion/progress forces working against my life the blood of Jesus is against you.
13. Any problematic tree in my family line, be uprooted by the fire, in Jesus name.
14. Any evil consultation I made by myself  or  by  my  friends or relatives on my behalf be broken in Jesus name
15. O’ Earth, Heavens, Sea, Moon, Stars, Mountains, Hills, Valley, T-Junctions, Trees, Living and Non-Living Things, Altars, etc, hear the word of God, refuse to execute evil judgment against me in Jesus name.
16. Every household wickedness gathering against my destiny, in the order of tower of Babel receive confusion from heaven in Jesus name.
17. My wasted years and efforts be converted to multiple blessing in Jesus name
18. Destiny destroyers in my life be scatter to irreparable pieces in Jesus name
19. Every pain and trials I had ever went through be converted to gain and testimonies in Jesus name
20. Any evil bird flying against my progress receive the stones of fire in Jesus name
21. O’Lord! Arise and hasten the steps of my divine helpers to locate me today in Jesus name
22. My angels of uncommon favour and blessing shall locate me  today in Jesus name
23. Any evil king sitting on my place of shining be unseated by fire in Jesus name
24. Let every opposition of my breakthrough crash to pieces in Jesus name
25. All evil counselors and conspirators against my destiny be scatter in Jesus name
26. Let the rain  of  fire fall upon every harden enemy of my destiny  in Jesus name
27. I paralyzed activities of problem extender and expander in Jesus name
28. Let all my enemies begin to vomit any good thing they have  eaten from me in Jesus name
29. Any curse of automatic failure against my destiny backfire in Jesus name
30. I command all my imprisoned virtues and potentials to come forth in Jesus name
31. Any power chasing me away from my place of blessing be consumed by fire in Jesus name
32. I refuse to allow my past to influence my future negatively in Jesus name
33. O’ God arise and disgrace any power challenging you in my  life in Jesus name
34. Let the anointing of supernatural breakthrough fall upon me in Jesus name.
35. Any ant-miracles and  anti- testimony forces working against my life scatter in Jesus name
36. Today I raise an altar of continuous prosperity in Jesus name
37. By the blood of Jesus Christ I enter into covenant of wealth and health in Jesus name.
38. I shall reach where the enemy says I will not reach in the mighty name of Jesus.



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