LUKE 1:28; 1Samuel2:26; Job 10:12; Psalm 5:12; 30:5; 41:11

Lk 1:28 And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, [thou that art] highly favoured, the Lord [is] with thee: blessed [art] thou among women.

Dearly beloved in Christ,
I congratulate you for scaling through the past Months. Like a lightning, it came and passed but not without visible fingerprint of God’s goodness, faithfulness, favour, blessing, deliverance and salvation left in your lives, families and work.
I boldly say here that I salute our God who is so rich in mercy. May His name be ever glorified in Jesus name. 

Welcome to the season of favour

In this Season, God will:
-Move you to the next level in fulfilling his mandate upon your life.
-Approve the work of your hand/ ministry with visible testimonies.
-Will say “YES” to the accumulated requests that seems hopeless because the set time has com

Every Man and Woman that made definite, memorable impact in the Bible was recipients of God’s grace, mercy and favour.
Rehabs- A prostitute at Jericho favour before God. A vessel of wrath met with Grace and became an instrument of salvation for her family. Favour elevated her into the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Mary- The mother of Jesus found favour before God out of all the virgins in her day. She was appointed for greatness. You shall be appointed for favour very soon in Jesus name.

I declare by the decree of heaven that you will be located among many for that special position, blessing and miracles in Jesus name.

Esther- She did not look like a queen in the house of Mordecai, but when the countenance of God shone on her, the king could not resist her. Esther 2:15.
Prophecy: I declare to you by the spirit of   prophecy, that where you have been rejected before now, by the favour of God, you will be accepted and celebrated in Jesus name.

What is Favour?
It is a showing of kindness.
It is the light of God’s countenance. When heaven beams on you, men will bow to you with their treasures. Psalm 44:3 says, For  they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them; but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of your countenance, because you had a favour unto them.
Favour delivers unto your hand what your strength of intellectual prowess cannot. One day encounter with Divine favour will terminate your long time of Struggle.
Jesus increased in favour with God and man. May you increase in favour this Month.
Joseph-He prospered in a strange land because of uncommon favour. Even in prison, he reigned because of God’s favour. (Gen. 39:21).

1. Righteousness Psm.5:12
2. The mercy of God Psm.102:2-13
3. God’s delight – until God delights in you, man cannot delight to help you.
4. Divine presence when God is with you; favour becomes your daily experience (Gen. 39:21)
5. Service (Psm.102:12-13; Matt. 6:33) God did not ask us to struggle for additions; he asked us to be addicted to his kingdom and righteousness first. When you serve God; money and men will serve you.
6. Knowledge and understanding – The depth of understanding will determine the depth of favour you will enjoy.
7. Sowing – What you sow is what you will reap. Jonathan sowed kindness to David’s life his son reaped it.
8. Entreat – Ask for favour, pray and heaven will open for the dew to come upon you.

1                    Open the door for me/2x
                      Am knocking and waiting
                      Open the door for me

2)   Pass me not
  O gentle saviour
   Hear my humble cry…

Confession of faith:
Father I thank you for mercy upon my life. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 5: 21). Therefore I shall be compassed with favour (Ps 5:12), because I delight in the Lord of Zion my set time to be favoured is now oh! My king has favour on me; and causes me to have favour with men this day/week/month.

1. Bless God for all his benefits over your life (Ps 103:1-2)
2. Confess and repent of presumptuous sins, secret faults and ask for the atonement by the blood of Jesus. Cry out for mercy of the lord for favour.
3. You foundational stronghold that hate favour in my life scatter by fire in Jesus name
4. My father’s house release me into my season of favour in Jesus name.  (Gen 12:3)
5. Hand of the lord connect me to my favour this day/month in Jesus name.
6. By the favour of the Lord, I am divinely connected for my marriage/ breakthrough in Jesus name (Est 2:15)
7. Oh! Lord let my king delight in me in Jesus name.
8. Oh lord let my mountain (Marriage, Business, Ministry) be made strong by your favour in Jesus name. (Psm. 30:7)
9. By the favour of the Lord, I command every department of my life to break forth in Jesus name. (Psm. 30:5)
10. This week/month I shall find favour in the sight of my adversary in Jesus name.  (Prov. 16:7)
11. I am a man/woman highly favoured in Jesus name. (Luke 1:28)
12. By the favour of the lord, I shall be the next candidate for divine promotion in Jesus name.
13. Oh Lord compass me about with your favour this month in Jesus name.  (Psm 5: 12)
14. I am a magnet of divine favour in Jesus name.
15. By the right hand of God, the light of His countenance and His favour, I possess my long awaited blessing and Land in Jesus name.  (Psm 44:3)
16. In the name of Jesus, I enter into my season of divine lifting by the favour of the Lord (Jer 52:31)
17. By your favour oh Lord my season of imprisonment is terminated/ cancelled in Jesus name
18. By your favour oh lord terminate my season of barrenness, hand of the Lord unlock the door of my womb and business for fruitfulness. (Gen 31:32,Luke 1:28)
19. By the favour of the Lord, my days of emptiness are over. I shall eat the riches of the gentiles in Jesus name.  (ex 3:21)
20. Oh! Lord let the heavens focus on me for favour this month and single me out for uncommon favour in Jesus name. (Gen 12:2)
21. My head receive the dew of favour today I n Jesus name.
22. I increase in favour today, this week/month in favour with God and man in Jesus name.
23. Anointing connects me to the carrier of my blessing today in Jesus name (1Sam.10:3)
24. By the favour of the Lord I shall be connected to the helper of my destiny in Jesus name.
25.  Hand of the almighty God open to the me the door of divine opportunity in Jesus name
26. Hand of the almighty God open to the me the door of uncommon favour in Jesus name (Eccl. 9:11)
27. Oh lord re-position me for uncommon favour this month in Jesus name
28. Oh, Lord redirects my steps this month for favour because you delight in my ways in Jesus name.  (Ps 37:23)
29. The helper of my destiny will not be caged in Jesus name.
30.  You war at the edge of my favour, cease in Jesus name. (Pray 7 times) (Ps 46:9)
31.  By the mercy and favour of the Lord, sons of strangers shall build my walls and kings shall minister to me in Jesus name. (Is. 60:10)
32.  By the favour of the Lord, my gates are continually open for uncommon blessings in Jesus name (Is. 60:11)



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